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the void on a distant sun (Agosto 2023)

Album by phoanøgramma (2023)

the void on a distant sun – Album – Format: CD, Digital – Releases August 03, 2023

The album “the void on a distant sun” aims to be a journey through a closed but infinite space, where a beam of light traverses a cosmos made of dark corridors and empty rooms vast light years away. The three tracks of the album, “il valore dell’attesa”, “in absentia”, and “apophenia”, explore a universe where the boundaries between reality and imagination blurs, and music becomes a bridge between forgotten worlds made of synesthesia and perceptual illusions.
The first track, “il valore dell’attesa”, is a “literary” introduction to the infinite chambers that form the basis of the visual suggestion that gave rise to the concept of the album. Echoing the patient passage through the labyrinth of structures, time twists as it lingers on the threshold of each room, absorbing the stories and memories etched into the walls. The second track, “in absentia”, emerges from these echoes of memories as a haunting lament that hides in the silence of emptiness. The sensory deprivation brought on by absence eventually leads to the third track, “apophenia”. In this realm of chaos, the beam of light bears witness to the convergence between perception and matter, in a long final suite that concludes the album until it dissolves.

phoanøgramma is:
Angelo Panebianco (synths and sound manipulation), Matteo Mariano (synths and tapes).

Angelo Panebianco
Composer and Sound Designer. After graduating from NAM in 2020, he released two self-produced EPs on the Bandcamp platform with his solo project “Phoan.” He collaborates with Matteo Mariano on the musical project “phoanøgramma,” both live and in the studio

Matteo Mariano
Composer and Sound Designer. Since the early 2000s, he has been creating instrumental music and soundtracks for films, videos, and installations. Since 2020, he has released several albums with his solo project Macrogramma, some of which with the music label ROHS! Records: “Trittico,” “Il mio sogno è di avere i poteri elettrici” (created in collaboration with Music For SleepAndrea Porcu), “La Meccanica degli Oggetti,” and the album “Asphyxia.” He continues to explore the field of musical experimentation as a composer and live performer in various ensembles, including “phoanøgramma” with Angelo Panebianco.

Published by Reverse Alignment
Music by phoanøgramma
Mastering by Raffaele Pezzella (a.k.a. Sonologyst)
Artwork by phoanøgramma

©2023. All rights reserved

Released August 3, 2023


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